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Welcome to the www.quick-books-support.com Terms & Conditions Page. Carefully read this section, before using this website and its services, as it binds a legal contract between us. Your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions implies that you successfully understood, agreed, and bound by these Terms & Conditions. In case you are not satisfied with www.quick-books-support.com Terms & Conditions, please avoid the usage of its services.


"Software" means a computer program of any kind, whether owned by www.quick-books-support.com or any other 3rd party service provider. It may be offered either through CD, by means of download, or any other release procedure, that might include users and/or any other network security software. All software elements are confined under laws, such as trade secret aspects, copyright concerns, unfair competition, and all other required laws.

"Service Plans/ Plan Order Submission"

You can easily order your Services simply by submitting Plan Orders specifically through www.quick-books-support.com portal or by means of call. Once your submitted Plan Orders accepted by www.quick-books-support.com, then your plan acceptance will be notified through an email. Our experts will use an email address that users provide at the time of Registration. Thus, it’s entirely your responsibility of conferring appropriate details during Registration Process for the Services. www.quick-books-support.com isn’t responsible for the amount of rendering Services in the association of your selected Plan Order that hasn’t accepted yet. Plan Order acceptance by www.quick-books-support.com will resemble you acceptance towards Service Plans.

Renewal Policy

Subscription plans offered by www.quick-books-support.com will automatically renew by the end of your active subscription plans until stated separately. The subscription amount will be deducted from your credit card as per amount which was decided at the time of registration. In case you are willing to opt out of the “Auto Renewal Plans”, immediately reach our technical support experts through at least 30-days prior to the end of your subscription in order to discontinue your services.

Refund Policy

For all subscription based services, www.quick-books-support.com will issue full refunds, if we aren’t able to resolve your accounting issues within initial 15 days of the subscription. You are not eligible for the subscription fee refunds, in case at least one of your issues gets resolved. For all incident based plans, you will be only eligible to claim for refunds, if you successfully meet following criteria,

  • You have followed all prerequisites that are essentially required to fix user’s issues and in case, your issue wasn’t considered till your subscription plan was active.
  • In case, your issues aren’t resolved by www.quick-books-support.com technical experts for the first 15 days of your plan activation.


If you are not satisfied with the offered services, then you can register your complaints within a week of the services being delivered, otherwise, you will lose all rights to claim the Quality of Service and Refunds. Additionally, we reserve all rights that permit us to terminate, refuse, or suspend offered services to any of the users without any prior notice, if they found irrelevant.

Third-party Links

www.quick-books-support.com has not assessed websites linked to its website and isn’t responsible for the content of any such connected website. The enclosure of any such links doesn’t imply our endorsements, and users have to use these links at their own risk.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

www.quick-books-support.com reserves all rights to update its Terms & Conditions anytime without any prior notice. By utilizing this site you are consenting to be bound by the present adaptation of Terms & Conditions.

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