Privacy Policy

Under this section ensure the privacy of clients, so they get complete security while using our services. Our “services” completely ensure secure and keep an eye that no unwanted situation occurs in front of users.

Saying “I accept”, ensure that users to agree and accepts our Privacy Policy. Kindly, go through the given policies:

1. Registering your all details and its uses: ensures our users that your confidential details won’t be provided to any unauthorized body, as we understand your privacy issues. The following are the details which are kept highly secured:

a) Personal Details: it is mostly required by to personally contact you. Under personal column you need to provide information like name, email address, postal address, and personal identifier. These details will be used to contact you at the time of re-registration, special offers or to submit any special reviews.

b) Payment Mode and Its Details: Under this requires to access user’s all information through which they will make payments. We understand that these are most critical details and need to keep safe and secure.

c) Recording for Quality Testing: User’s online or offline sessions with technical support maybe required to record to ensure that all complaints are attended without any disturbance.

2. Safety Measures:

Under this help user to protect there all important details like credit, debit or any other card information. Here we keep an eye that user’s all details will be kept secured and must not be used without their permissions. All crucial details are encrypted with finest encryption software so no one other then authorized person can use it. If any up gradation of any policy take place, users are suggested to review this Privacy Policy time-to-time.

3. Information requirement for various needs:

At sometimes we require some supplement to check that how our clients are feeling while working with us. Sometimes we use our client’s details to check creditworthiness and ensure later are details damaged so none can use it for any other purpose.

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