The full form of POS is "Point of sale." Pos system is used to carry out the sales across various platforms.

Earlier the Retailers used a cash register to handle transactions until the data was passed to accounts and stock list. Now, you can improve your billing, discounts, refunds and even more with the support of retail POS software. The point-of - sale device can be combined with other systems and software such as ecommerce sites, payroll applications, and ERP and distribution systems.

A fully integrated corporate POS program can perform sales monitoring and analysis, forecasting, inventory tracking, mobile connectivity, customer data processing, personnel management. QuickBooks POS has been accepted as the most broadly utilized budgetary solution for each business. That empowers the users to effortlessly and swiftly manage sales, customers and inventory.

QuickBooks point of sale is one of unique available retail management software which is designed to provide tailored customer service. It not only helps in overseeing inventories, as well as empowers retailers to advertise directly to their customers by using POS's Constant Contact, forwarding markdown coupons, interfacing QuickBooks POS database straightforwardly to the shopping cart through accessible shopping cart systems, and much more.

Billing and order processing

A point-of - sale device needs to provide the required billing and order processing functionality. Scanning products and capturing different payment modes will allow it to bill orders.

This has the potential to produce order invoice, reprint and email to the end user along with the inclusion of the coupon, customer information, additional remarks and the name of the seller of an order.

Sales monitoring and reporting

The point-of - sale program needs to be able to deliver a comprehensive sales performance report. It should be able to monitor hourly, regular, weekly, monthly, and annual takeovers and expenses so that the retailers can better recognize their business ' overall performance. Finding out how much to buy is best decided by personalized inventory reports at a certain given point of time. It will show what performs better or worse in the day, week, month, or year at a certain time. This may also be a guide to shop deals or purchases, as well as assisting with ordering.

Some of the characteristics of an automated POS monitoring system include market indicators such as seasonal demand in goods, business patterns forecasts, insights into excessive inventory overspending, and details relevant to stock management.

Inventory and stock management

Inventory control feature of a POS system must also have complete visibility and transparency at store level. The system must have a summary of every SKU's lot-wise inventory, SKU's transaction history of 'in,' 'out' and 'inside' transactions, and inbound and outbound inventories. When viewing inventory, it should be able to make stock changes i.e. increase / decrease stock and catch the explanation for stock changes.

Cross channel stock exchange.

Two of the functionalities of a POS return control package are to allow cross-channel returns and enable refunds and replacements from any store venue.

It is very well known that with the multiple shops how exhausting and confounding inventory can emerge to be as you move the commodity from one to the other shop. However that is not the case anymore. An integrated POS system between stores lets you quickly monitor merchandise that travels from one store to another.

The system would enable the creation of several returns at various time periods for one sale order. It will catch information such as the reason for return, the name of the salesperson and the feedback.

Helps in Customer management

A point-of - sale system can help you to maintain consumers by keeping sales records and history of transactions. This could be used to provide the customer with a personalized experience. It is necessary not just to catch up with your customers but also to consider the needs of the customers. You can do that exactly with a database of the customers that shows precisely what the regular customers are and are not purchasing. Integrating this data will help you prepare marketing and merchandising campaigns. This feature also lets consumers return products without receipts, keeping their best customers happy and satisfied.

For marketing campaign and advertisement, consumer data is particularly valuable because this data will offer information on which buyer will be involved in the selling.

Employee management

It definitely comes as a surprise when we say that even employees can be managed by the POS system. And it is a fact as the m POS system employee management program will help you monitor your employees, working hours, and sales performance rate that in helps to you monitor the productivity of an employee. After connecting the POS system with transactions, you easily can monitor your employee activity and take effective steps to boost their profitability necessary measures accordingly.

Facility of Multiple Payments

POS system will Make your life smoother, and make transactions quicker with options to split payments or accept payment methods per transaction. Customers may choose to pay partially with a gift card, or split the charge into cash and credit. This will be easy for everybody and is the best thing about POS.

Despite being one among the most featured retail management software, once in a while users may confront various difficulties with QuickBooks POS software that encourage users to consult Point of Sale Support experts. Users may face various POS errors while working with this software. Thus, to overcome such situations our point of sale support experts are made available to guide users to break them out of the crisis. Our experts completely understand the value of security and they ensure that finest features are provided to solve every query. Following are a few errors that made users to reach QuickBooks Point of Sale Support professionals,

  • If QuickBooks POS software update tax details more than once
  • QB point of sale SHELL face with errors
  • Connection interruption b/w POS software and database
  • Credit Card doesn't display QBPOS Sales History
  • QuickBooks POS hardware connectivity issues
  • Users face issues can't close down POS's 9.0 Version
  • QB POS crashes during the License Checks
  • Issues with POS 6.0 V while reinstalling multi-store updates
  • Connectivity issues POS V10 Client to Server Workstation

All listed POS problems in the QuickBooks require urgent assistance from the support executives. You can contact the QuickBooks point of sale support to find out more about the error and the consequences as well as how to fix the error and our experts will assist you. For this reason, our point-of - sale support services are made available 24/7 to assist users via phone & email (

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